Amy- Flame Ombre

  • £65.00


The colour is -Bright Red Roots Into Bright Orange Lengths
The style is- Straight
The length of this wig is 38 inches when pulled straight from the front hairline

She is made from a high quality heat safe synthetic fibre meaning you can use heat tools up to 170c degrees to curl or straighten her.
She also has about 1-2 inches of parting space on a soft invisible Swiss lace front.
She has a density of about 150% meaning she has lots of hair and is very full!
She has a natural contoured hairline with a small widows peak.
She has 3 combs inside sewn in for a more secure fit.

Includes a free wig cap!

Customer Reviews

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Stands out in the crowd!

This is the first wig I purchased from Webster and I was SO happy with the quality that I have continued to purchase wigs from here. The wig is very long, but it works perfect for my Starfire cosplay! It can get a little tangled, naturally, but having a comb on you to just brush out the ends works perfect! (I mostly recomend bringing a comb if you're going to do a photoshoot.) You can add some volume to it by teasing and then styling. I did this to the bangs. I tried using my curling iron, but mine goes up 200 c +, so I had some fabric in between to protect the fibers. That way of styling didn't work at all for me, but I havn't tried directly with an iron that only goes to 170, so perhaps this works better. I know friends who have styled curls etc sucessfully with water and steam! Anyhow, this wig is really vibrant in colour! I was shocked at how orange it was. I'd say the colour over all is much more lighter than photographed here, (imagine turning up the brightness of the photo almost.) I was still not disappointed cause it works great for me in orange bodypaint, but I couldn't wear it with my normal skin tone, it just didn't look good on me. Anyhow, You can check out photos of me with the wig on my instagram @astermads and reach out if you have any questions.

Joe Wise
C'mon Poison Ivy Fantasy

I did not think I would love this color as much as I do! The red root is a little funny but the orange with the red is so bright and fun, I fell inlove. Perfect for David Bowie looks or Poison Ivy imo. Do not get for your first wig, gets tangled VERY easily.